The new picture of CES 2013

Posted on 09.01.13 in the category Hardware

Again this year many new announcements were made Photo CES in Las Vegas.

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Special Nikon D3200 - € 80 reimbursed

Posted on 11.11.12 in the category Hardware

Nikon renews Cashback operation for Christmas !

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Nikon renews the entry level D5200

Posted on 10.11.12 in the category Hardware

Nikon renews housing entry level SLR introducing the D5200.

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Canon EOS 6D vs Nikon D600

Posted on 23.09.12 in the category Hardware

Here is a comparative summary of the technical specifications of two new full-size SLR cameras (full frame) Canon and Nikon, which are the Canon EOS 6D and Nikon D600 just announced at Photokina 2012.

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Announcement of the Canon EOS 6D

Posted on 19.09.12 in the category Hardware

In response to the Nikon D600 Nikon introduced just before Photokina, Canon SLR camera pulls its full-size entry-level, the EOS 6D.

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Formalization of the Nikon D600

Posted on 13.09.12 in the category Hardware

In preparation for the Photokina trade show dedicated to the professional and serious photographer, Nikon to put an end to speculations and various rumors on the Nikon D600, the new " entry level " full frame DSLR that wants a " price

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HDR editing with Photoshop

Posted on 26.08.12 in the category Photo Technique

In this Photoshop tutorial, we will see how to compose a HDR (or High Dynamic Range).

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New Facebook application

Posted on 16.08.12 in the category Freemages

After many changes in Facebook API, legacy applications for Facebook Freemages eventually stop working anyway and were a bit outdated and out of step with the new possibilities of social network.


Photo stolen from the Nikon D600

Posted on 30.07.12 in the category Hardware

The rumor about the upcoming launch of a Nikon SLR camera full frame " affordable " has been realized with the publication on the site stolen pictures of the case, but rather blurred confirming the name of the case and the FX sensor.

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Handling the Canon EOS 650D

Posted on 29.07.12 in the category Hardware

This weekend I acquired Thailand 's new lover Canon camera to replace my 50D.

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