Canon cameras used to shoot The Avengers

Posted on 15.05.12 in the category Hardware

Canon USA has sent to the press a series of photos showing their housing pro Canon EOS 5D Mark III installed in a protective casing on the set of American blockbuster "The Avengers."

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Freemages in Deutscher Sprache!

Posted on 08.05.12 in the category Freemages

Freemages is now available in German !

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Upload multiple photos at once !

Posted on 06.05.12 in the category Freemages

Freemages offers a new feature to simplify the submission of numerous pictures, downloading multiple to its authors already have an account.

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€ 80 refund on the kit Pentax K5

Posted on 04.05.12 in the category Hardware

Pentax announces rebate offer interesting summer with a reduction in its housing expert tropicalized Pentax K5.

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Nikon recalls batteries Reflex

Posted on 26.04.12 in the category Hardware

Nikon has initiated a recall on a series of batteries used with some of its digital SLR and compact.

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Updated Canon EOS 5D Mark III

Posted on 26.04.12 in the category Hardware

Canon provides users with a firmware update its full-size SLR range top, the Canon EOS 5D Mark III, and communicates with clients on solutions taken to solve the problem of light leakage through the

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Call for Papers - book on Laos

Posted on 24.04.12 in the category Competition

As part of a proposed collection of articles on Laos, we are looking for contributions to illustrate the book and the cover.

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A handle release for iPhone

Posted on 23.04.12 in the category Hardware

The iPhone has a photo sensor good quality and we must recognize that for a phone, it allows you to take beautiful pictures.

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Samsung is also launching cameras WiFi

Posted on 21.04.12 in the category Hardware

Samsung has unveiled the complete renewal of its range of hybrid cameras, which had not been upgraded since three years.

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Nikon D3200, SLR with WiFi option

Posted on 19.04.12 in the category Hardware

Nikon introduced a new a new entry-level SLR, the D3200, which arises at the top of the entry level, in addition to the D3100 and D5100, offering superior functionality D5100 at a slightly higher price.

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