Reliability problems with Canon ?

Posted on 18.04.12 in the category Hardware

Two facts and a conclusion ?


Design problem of the EOS 5D Mark II

Posted on 18.04.12 in the category Hardware

Gizmodo reports that this is the info from an English website (see sources at end of article).

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Canon EOS 1D C, C for Cinema

Posted on 14.04.12 in the category Hardware

This new body EOS- 1D C is a variation of the camera professional EOS- 1D X announced last October.

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Some news on Freemages

Posted on 13.04.12 in the category Freemages

It was time that the site needed maintenance and improvements, some free time has allowed me to make some corrections to the code and requested by users for a long time features.

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Up to 200 € discount on Canon lenses

Posted on 05.04.12 in the category Hardware

Until June 30, 2012, for the purchase of a Canon lens (or some accessories), Canon will reimburse up to 200 €.

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Pixlr -o- matic, the mobile photo editing

Posted on 04.04.12 in the category Photo Editing And Photoshop

I have already referred to the excellent u003ca Freemages href=""u003e u003c/ au003e, software online photo editor that has nothing to envy to Photoshop

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Buy transtandard goal

Posted on 07.11.11 in the category Hardware

24-70mm, 18-200 mm 18-270 mm and even the objectives transtandards can adjust the zoom on both sides of 50 mm, the standard value corresponding more or less to the human eye.

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Lytro, photography and dominates the blur

Posted on 24.10.11 in the category Hardware

Announced by a California startup, the " Lytro " is the first plenoptic camera for the general public, a device that uses a process that can not adjust the focus after the shooting.

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Announcement of the Canon EOS 1D X

Posted on 23.10.11 in the category Hardware

Canon has announced the upcoming release of its new high -end EOS-1D X, which will be placed at the top of the range professional.

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Improved antispam

Posted on 11.09.11 in the category Freemages

Despite the establishment of a Captcha for unregistered persons who want post comments, many spam messages could still fall through the cracks of the Turing test, aimed to ensure that 's reply

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