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Best Photoshop shortcuts

Posted on 25.02.13 in the category Photo Editing And Photoshop

Best Photoshop shortcuts Work faster and more efficiently with Adobe Photoshop using the keyboard shortcuts that you facilitate common tasks. The following shortcuts are functional at least for versions Photoshop CS4, Photoshop CS5, Photoshop CS6 and later for Windows and Mac OS X.

5 essential shortcuts and little known

quick zoom Quick Zoom. To quickly zoom in on a particular area of an image, hold down the Ctrl + Spacebar (or Command + Space sour Mac OS X) and draw a selection rectangle on area you want to zoom. When you release the mouse button will zoom in on the fact trimmed. To zoom in turn, made Ctrl + Alt + Space and click (Command + Alt + Space and click on Mac OS X).
preview mode Preview Mode. To hide the toolbars and menu and have only the image on the screen to see the result of editing clearly, make the following successive combinations: Tab hide toolbars and menus, Ctrl + 0 (Command + 0 Mac OS X) to adjust the zoom of the image to the size of your screen and F to cycle a gray or black. To cancel this display mode just repeat the same key combinations (Tab and F).
transform layer Control your transformation. To transform a layer, either resizing or rotation, Ctrl + T (Command + T on Mac OS X) is your ally. Then to maintain proportions when resizing, hold down the Shift key. Shift also allows you to make 24 rotations in increments of 15 degrees. The Alt key allows you to take it the anchor point as a reference for scaling or rotation.
save web Register Quickly. To save your image under a different name, Ctrl + Shift + S (Command + Shift + S on Mac OS X) lets you directly access the window choose a new file name. Similarly, Ctrl + Alt + Shift + S (Command + Alt + Shift + S on Mac OS X) lets you save your image in a format optimized for web to control the color and size of the file corresponding image.
zoom and unzoom Zoom in and zoom out. To quickly zoom in on your image, hold down the Ctrl + Space key (Command + Space on Mac OS X) and click on the image. Similarly, Alt + Space allows you to quickly zoom out by clicking on the image.

Other shortcut commands image editing

Ctrl- Ctrl-
Order Shortcut
Marquee M
Lasso L
Cropping C
Corrector J
Buffer S
gum E
Raindrop R
Path Selection A
Plume P
Annotations N
Main H
Default Colors D
Moving V
Wand W
Brush B
History Brush Y
Gradient G
Density O
text T
Forms U
Pipette I
magnifier Z
Inversion color X
Slices K
Show Grid "
larger image Ctrl-+
Reduce image Ctrl -
display screen size $


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