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Site improvements in shambles

Posted on 09.03.13 in the category Freemages

Site improvements in shambles Here is a summary of recent improvements that have been implemented on Freemages recent weeks. These are not visual changes that have been implemented on the site in recent weeks but a more optimized code pages and the web server that should give you a better user experience settings.

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New mobile site !

Posted on 19.02.13 in the category Freemages

New mobile site ! The aging interface of the mobile version of Freemages u003ca href=""u003e u003c/ au003e is a party to the trash and it's a whole new version

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New Facebook application

Posted on 16.08.12 in the category Freemages

New Facebook application After many changes in Facebook API, legacy applications for Facebook Freemages eventually stop working anyway and were a bit outdated and out of step with the new possibilities of social network.


Database material

Posted on 01.06.12 in the category Freemages

Database material Freemages inaugurates a new section of its website dedicated to equipment and more particularly to digital SLR cameras and associated objectives.

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Use Picasa to submit your photos!

Posted on 21.05.12 in the category Freemages

Use Picasa to submit your photos! It is now possible for authors with an account on Freemages to submit photos stored on Picasa online account, simply by browsing through their photo albums and select the images to be copied.

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Freemages in Deutscher Sprache!

Posted on 08.05.12 in the category Freemages

Freemages in Deutscher Sprache! Freemages is now available in German !

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Upload multiple photos at once !

Posted on 06.05.12 in the category Freemages

Upload multiple photos at once ! Freemages offers a new feature to simplify the submission of numerous pictures, downloading multiple to its authors already have an account.

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Some news on Freemages

Posted on 13.04.12 in the category Freemages

Some news on Freemages It was time that the site needed maintenance and improvements, some free time has allowed me to make some corrections to the code and requested by users for a long time features.

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Improved antispam

Posted on 11.09.11 in the category Freemages

Improved antispam Despite the establishment of a Captcha for unregistered persons who want post comments, many spam messages could still fall through the cracks of the Turing test, aimed to ensure that 's reply

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Wave of spam

Posted on 15.04.11 in the category Freemages

Wave of spam Freemages was the victim of a new wave of spam that has polluted the photos and comments of the blog and generated sending unwanted emails notifying authors of the photos in question.

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